Want to study in Stanford? University offers scholarships for 2019

Is it included in the scholarship?
Scholarships include all student fees during college in Stanford. This not only includes the amount of annuity, but also the cost of accommodation, food, research equipment, books, health insurance, local transportation and air tickets at the other end. Each student also receives monthly fees for personal expenses.

Are you going to study at Stanford? So take the fact that the university accepts scholarship program applications. Scientists will be selected from a free postgraduate school in various fields of study.

Beginning in 1891, Stanford University has shaped thinkers and innovators throughout history. Companies like HP, Yahoo and Google were born on campus. It is also regarded as the birthplace of a widely acclaimed study in the world.

This university is located in Palo Alto, California. It is considered one of the highest educational institutions in the world, especially in school graduation.
Quer estudar em Stanford? Há 50 bolsas de estudo para programas de pós-graduação.

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