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Simantec introduces the Neural Protection of Industrial Control Systems (ICSP), the first industrial integrated USB neural network verification system, which helps companies protect critical infrastructure by preventing the devastating physical effects of cyber attacks on OT technology.

OT is essential in sectors such as energy, oil and gas, production and transport, but legacy systems are often outdated and virtually impossible to protect with the traditional safety of endpoints. Usually, companies rely on unverified USB devices to upgrade these systems, increasing the power of infection by malware and targeted attacks.

The cyber warfare - including physical damage and personal security risks - is very real, and the potential consequences are devastating. However, industrial control systems powered by critical infrastructure often work on obsolete Windows systems, making them vulnerable to known and unknown threats. For example, the Stuknet worm, discovered by Simantec, used malware based on USB to manipulate centrifuges in Iran's nuclear power plants, sabotaging an essential part of the country's nuclear program. In order to help fight this type of threat, the US government in May 2018 raised its Ciber Command to the full status of the combat command.

Simpanec ICSP Neural uses artificial intelligence to prevent known and unknown attacks on IoT (Internet of Things) and OT environments by detecting malware on USB devices and providing protection against them. Neural ICSP stations scan, detect malware downloaded via USB and sterilize devices. Existing ICSP implementations have shown that up to 50% of certified USB devices are infected with malware.

"USB devices are delivered free of charge to events shared by colleagues and reused several times for commercial and personal use, leading to the risk of accidental or malignant infection." The impact of connecting an infected device to a critical system can be devastating. "said Patrick Gardner, senior vice president of Simantec for advanced threat protection and email security. "Backstage, ICSP Neural will improve existing central nervous system infrastructure to provide protection to critical infrastructures. In the front, enhanced aluminum design involves a simple and intuitive user experience that clearly outlines potential threats."

Better security through simplicity

Simplifying the verification process is essential for overall security hygiene, because working technology environments are often in remote areas, either in operations or in the field, far from the IT staff of the organization. Therefore, the process of verifying Neural ICSP is simple and does not require any specific security or IT training. After connecting, Neural ICSP issues real-time visualization and signals through a LED light ring that indicates the detection and cleaning of malware.

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