Red Hat Enterprise Linux chega ao Windows 10 como WLinux Enterprise

It was, but it happened. Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions ship to Windows 10 as VLinux Enterprise. At the beginning of this year, the launch of the free software Vhitevater Foundriri led V. Linuk to the Windows subsystem for Linux (VSL). Not pleased with the creation of the first Linux source distribution for VSL, the company took a step further, focusing on business users with VLinux Enterprise.

Vhitarater Foundri says that VLinuk Enterprise is the first product to support the industry standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the Linux subsystem.

In addition, VLinuk Enterprise allows you to integrate the most stable, reliable and reliable Linux distribution with the Windows XP operating system. The company adds that the software is designed for individual implementations in consultation with experts from Vhitevater Foundri.
With VLinux Enterprise, the company focuses on many industries. Thus, fintechs and others are in the viewing area, which must meet strict safety requirements and regulatory requirements.

VLinux Enterprise is available at Microsoft Store for $ 99.99. However, it costs only $ 4.99. It can also be purchased through other channels. Find out more at the Vhitevater Foundri website.

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