De Vatsal Srivastava
Singapore, December 26
Many colleagues suffered losses on Wednesday
Stress of negative factors such as
Tensions between the government of the United States and the United States
Federal and Federal Reserve.
Fears of financial collapse in the United States and around the world
10 years since Treasury income led to the fall
In December, it raised the pressure of 25 basis points
It raises the dollar and it further affects your prospect.
"The development and control of political tensions in
This weakness is negative and hope for the dollar
Continue, "said Sim Mog Ziong, the bank's currency strategist.
"The biggest winner of global aversion to accidents is that I expect
Yen. "
The dollar is particularly struggling against the yen,
Recording losses in eight consecutive sessions
Broad risk management in financial markets has benefited
It has Japanese currency. American currency tried
Sign of Wednesday, increase of 0.28% in yen
To 110.58 per dollar.
Analysts at Mizuho Bank said sharp decline
Ten years Treasuries
The dollar's performance for its peers. Yield
2.73% of 10-year bonds,
3 percent from the beginning of December.
Euro and pound increased
1.1381 and 1.2685, respectively. The Australian Dollar
0.24 percent increased by $ 0.7055.

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