Sisval Santos, a former canon collector who became a computer science professor and got the opportunity to study Harvard, receives the honorary title of citizen Juazeiro from the municipal legislative power. The young scientist, 31 anos, was born in the state of Pernambuco and currently lives in Juazeiro do Norte.
The initiative came from board member Jacqueline Gouvey, in which she appreciated the proposal among parliamentarians of the House of Representatives, who decided to assign the title to the laureate. According to the advisor’s council, the official award ceremony will take place as soon as Darlan Lobo becomes chairman of the city council next year. The date for this will still be checked.

dp 128 - Ciswal Santos, ex-catador de latas selecionado para estudar em Harvard, recebe título de cidadão juazeirense

The document certifying the title of a citizen of Sisval was processed in the section and approved by the Chamber on November 22, published in the official newspaper of the municipality. “I have an urgent need to deliver him, because he is the pride of all Juarez,” said Jacqueline in a statement.
From Sertau to Harvard
He says he used to wear to buy school supplies, and then went to college. “I graduated from banks,” he says. I am currently a professor of no SENAI. I developed a project in which I intend to help people in areas of the Northeast region who do not have access to energy by offering intelligent solar panels at a low price.
Thanks to this project, he was invited to take part in the extensionist initiative of Harvard University, which selects innovative science projects. He will receive online lessons from Harvard professors for 18 months, being able to extend another 18 months, and from there collect public and private resources to create equipment for sustainable solar energy and tell students about the project.

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