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Web Hosting 1 and 1 offers professional plan exchange services. Additional plans allow your site to pass through other languages ​​on the community server. This means that the amount of traffic to your website and all others through the same connection. Which may result in slow, slow But is a personal website that has a small amount of usage which should be fair The basic web hosting is $ 7.99 per month (although it's about selling for $ 0.99 per month for the first year).

Unlike other service providers, 1 & 1 does not have unlimited storage. The basic plan provides 100GB of storage space and the maximum scalable performance of 2.5GB from the beginning 1 and 1, pointing to traffic and number. Your website visitors can manage at once.

In the absence of sales, 1 and 1 will help you improve your performance at the level of which is the average total.

Unlimited and unlimited Pro Plus layers give you the storage you need with speed. However, the performance is not yet 1 and 1 that you propose in the event of a performance problem instead of a customer attached to Level 1 and Level 1 "with a maximum of 9 GB of RAM (which can reach level 5, they are 19GB Of RAM at the lowest rate)

Managed Cloud Hosting is the next step from sharing hosting. You will continue to use the server with other customers. But this plan will divide your own parts out and you can collect the storage, processor and RAM you need. The basic base starts at $ 14.99 per month for a single core server, 1 GB RAM and a 50GB hard drive. It should allow users to improve speed through shared hosting. But it is quite expensive to move the ladder to a server with better features Those who crave a faster experience should look for a dedicated server.

Another option is in a virtual server. This allows you to control more hardware. You choose the processor and RAM storage and are close to Host Cloud Hosting. Many resources combined to deliver the performance and tools you need.


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